Hybrid (additive &subtractive) fabrication

Hybrid fabrication is a unique technique presented by Femtika. It allows combination of several different technologies (and materials as well) in one micro-device. Hybrid fabrication allows manufacturing of complex functional structures – lab on chip devices.


Fused silica cantilever with integrated polymeric beam
Fabricated by the combination of selective laser etching and multiphoton polymerization. Polymeric beam may induce cantilever deflection due to the shrinkage/swelling. Doi.org/10.1264/OE.25.026280
Lab-on-chip device
Application of hybrid fabrication enables rapid production of channels out of fused silica via laser ablation while multiphoton polymerization is used to integrate fine-mesh 3D filters of arbitrary geometry inside the channel.
Micro device for precise drug flow control
Can be integrated in the catheter needle, fully opto-mechanical device with polymeric cantilever deflection detection via fiber optics, with integrated flow shut-of valve to prevent overhlow. Polymeric elements are integrated in fused silica cylinder, which was prepared using selective laser etching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHLPuGreoAE