3D micro-fabrication

Femtosecond laser
  • Workstation can be equipped with different wavelength laser, based on customer demand: 1030 nm, 515 nm, 780 nm
  • Pulse duration: tunable 290 fs – 10 ps (@1030 nm & 515 nm); <100 fs (@780 nm)
  • Average power: highly adjustable (250mW – 20 W) due to the customer application
Positioning stages
  • XYZ translation stages synchronized with galvano-scanners
  • Large travel range: 160 x 160 x 60 mm
  • High resolution (1 nm), repeatability (75 nm) and accuracy (300 nm)
3DPoli Software

  • The whole writing process is automated and managed via 3DPoli software
  • Capability of STL file import
  • Internal programming language - structure can be described via code, including variables, cycles
Research & Developement
Multiphoton polymerization
  • Additive manufacturing technique
  • True 3D structures in micro-nano scale
  • Various polymers can be used
Selective laser etching
  • Subtractive manufacturing technique
  • Arbitrary-shaped 3D structures in micro scale
  • Transparent materials can be used
Laser ablation
  • Subtractive manufacturing technique
  • Cutting, drilling and surface structuring in micro-nano scale
  • Various metals, polymers and other materials can be used
Hybrid fabrication
  • Hybrid fabrication is a unique technique presented by Femtika
  • It allows combination of several different technologies (and materials as well) in one micro-device
  • Hybrid fabrication allows manufacturing of complex functional structures – lab on chip devices
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